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October 17, 2011 / scottisafool

Some Download Stats and a Request

Now that WebTone 1.1 is out there, I thought I’d take a look at some of the download stats leading up to this release. It’s proven to be quite interesting:

  • It’s been downloaded over 4300 times.
  • It’s been downloaded in 35 countries (so far)
  • 8 of those countries have had 50 downloads or more
  • The top three downloaders of the app have been the US, Germany and Russia, in that order.
  • The total downloads for the US is greater than all other countries put together.

I’m really pleased with these numbers, and I thank everyone who has downloaded it. I will be very interested to see how these figures change after the update figures start rolling in.

As mentioned in the release post, the new version supports some new languages (Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Chinese) and as this app is being used in 35 countries, I would love to be able to add support for more languages. If you feel you can help on this front, then please do get in touch with me, either on twitter, email or a comment on here, it would be very much appreciated.



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